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it has been almost three years since i’ve started to work with zemanta. no, i am not an engineer or web developer, my hearth beats on the left side, my talents relate more to imagination than rationality and logic.

i do cook for zemanta team in ljubljana, once a week. every thursday at 12:30 i knock on their door with two ikea blue bags full of foodie goodie. +/- 60 times a year i crash my brains out at home what new dish and combination would be fresh and innovative to bring it up  to their tables with a hint of surprise.

who is zemanta for me? a team of individuals, for shure, with a pallete of special needs. from a diet nutritionist side, two are vegans, four to six of them are vegatarians. one is alergic on fresh raw carrot, other doesn’t bear alcohol, the third one has a reaction on shrimps and clams … someone doesn’t eat beans and the other mushrooms …

in full picture, zemanta is for me an environment, where individual personality is respected and treated as a gift and treasure instead of thread. as a side observer, who do check their working culture continously once a week, i’ve sensed best and most natural professional “stimmung” in do know in my 16+ years involvement in business.

there were some harder times and some easier one, but all in all, my statement as an amateur social researcher, working in chefs disguise in the backstage, is very positive. management, if i can say so,  is working on a relationships in a way everyone feels for himself as an important part of a company.

it is not a simple task. zemanta is for me sum of a very talented and personaly strong if not specific personalities (after all, who is not a special one??). everyone has a caracter and a statement about himself. in this times, where personality has to fit into strict corporate model, this democratical if not hippy environment is refreshing as a cold beer after tenis match.

as an economist, i have been working in different companies for seven years here in slovenia and what i did noticed was a lack of organisational and human resource knowledge. if there are inappropriate employees, relations, culture …, there is not a space for a developement. without a developement, you – as a company or individual – is a part past, not a present or even future time. here at zemanta, i can see – again, very subjective reflection, there is a big focus on a content. it sounds logical, but in my experiences, it is more an exotic rarity than common business sense here.

if i am more intimate, people at zemanta did support me at my first publishing project two years ago. as an author and a publisher i was working on a little book about vegetarian spreads and they were them who propose me crowdfunding system for getting the money for a print. and it was not just a phylosophical push, they ordered books in advance so i did collect money with their help to finish a project.

the book was a hit and it drives me to another, much bigger publishing project. in a good wibe of first experience, i did start, shorty after first launch, more ambitious cook book about adriatic fishes. the book was declared as the most beautiful slovenian book for the year 2013 and in it is nominated for best designed book and best fish cook book at gourmand international cookbook fair, which will be held in beijing in may this year.

but in behind, work for zemanta means to me also stable and fair cash inflow, which enables me to write about food and do publishing work as a freelance indepentent author and indie publishing house, with more book titles still to come.

i am small. zementa is much bigger. but we have in common passionate drive for changes, for innovative, personal approach, for being open for new things, even if some experiments do not succeed (for instance, miso soup from last week was too salty). but again, it is this open and optimistical environment i am receiving and learning from zemanta team.

they do support me, they are tolerant, they are looking at me not just as a service, but as a personality, they trust me ( i decided what will be on menu every time), they are reliable and thrustworthy, they are inteligent and sexy. i do belive in their story, not just from my egoistical side, but i see them as a role model for younger slovenian entrepreneurs and new wave economy, who do dare and do care about a success, based on knowledge.

so, i anounce zemanta for my best business partner in last triade. clap, clap, clap, congratulations boštjan, gašper, andraž, dušan, sparkica, silvo, jure 3x, gape, rok, tomaž, marko, peter, kale, martina …, all of the great zemanta team.

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  1. What amazes me the most about our Thursday’s meals is that every week Klemen prepares something new and no menu has ever repeated itself.

    Thank you for all the great food that you prepare for us! But even more importantly, thank you for all the great time we spend together!

  2. Thanks to Klemen for everything, you really are the man! Wherever he goes he brings something back with him for us to try and needless to say, he always brings joy and uplifting spirit!

    A great privilege to have him in our offices every week & to know this guy in person! A true chef!

    Thanks Klemen!

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