blue – adriatic blue fish // book launch // 23. november

plava v branju

Are you in love with the sea and seafood? Do fried sardines bring a smile to your face, and does your heart skip a beat whenever you get to the local marketplace? Do you enjoy sipping away at a glass of wine while cooking at home for you and your loved ones? And do you appreciate thoughtful design together with unique, authentic illustrations? If so, Blue is the book for you.

Here are 12 portraits of the pelagic fish of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, as well as 43 deliciously authentic, time-tested seafood recipes—most featuring the sardine and the anchovy—together with lively wine pairings.

176 pages // limited edition series of 1.000 copies // 36 eur regular price // 28 eur preorders // free shipping and postage within EU // 23. november launch // order book at

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